Online Business Store

This service combines the benefits of our Online Group Ordering service with Online Fundraiser Campaigns to create a business solution for our clients. This service offers an online store with your branded apparel or items for employees or the public. This unique service eliminates traditional bulk order expenses and inventory and generates a revenue stream for the client. 

How it Works:
Similar to our Online Fundraiser Campaigns, we'll consult with you on the apparel and item solutions needed. The store will be created and you will be given a login to monitor performance. We'll fulfill orders and ship them for you. You'll receive checks monthly for sales made. Many of our business clients have eliminated traditional custom apparel costs, inventory management, and distribution costs with this service. We have many individuals that use this service for their side business. Many entrepreneurs have used our Online Business Store service as an additional revenue stream to their existing portfolios. 

 Promote your store through social media. Create a marketing strategy, or add your store to an existing one to maximize your selling potential. Use email marketing to get the word out the branded apparel you are offering. There are many ways Online Business Stores can be marketed to help make you a lot of passive income. Contact us and we can consult with you on best practices on how your store can help you generate great revenue. 

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